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Friday, March 19

7:00pm MDT

Saturday, March 20

7:00am MDT

8:00am MDT

8:45am MDT

9:00am MDT

Contact-less Hall Passes with Social Distancing Session (Room) 13Nicole Doolittle • Nicole Doolittle Mac Tips 101: Preview & QuickTime Session (Room) 10Merinda Davis What can Canvas do for You? Session (Room) 9Chris Haught Adobe's Liquid Mode and Readability Session (Room) 22Rick Treitman • Rick Treitman Assess Assess Yourself! Are YOU Smarter than a 5th Grader? Session (Room) 18Rhonda Davis • Rhonda Davis Assessments Using Technology Grades 7-12 (Part 1) Session (Room) 15Theresa Overall Bringing Microbits into your virtual classroom with Microbit Classroom Session (Room) 5Shannon Lyon Canvas + Video = Online Superstar! Or, Recording & Embedding Quality Instructional Content Session (Room) 7Clint Stephens Canvas Tips & Tricks for Course Design and Student Engagement Session (Room) 12Jacob Penovich • Jacob Penovich Going beyond Presentations: Using Google Slides to do More Session (Room) 6Kiera Beddes Interpreting RISE Results For Online and InPerson Learners During COVID19 Session (Room) 16Hal Sanderson Online Learning: Long-term Success not a Short-term Fix! Session (Room) 14Marvin Thompson • Marvin Thompson Personalized Learning Student Driven Session (Room) 4Carol Nef Total Unique! WeVideo: Real Time Collaboration! Session (Room) 20Greg Gardner • Greg Gardner Ubiquitous Wireless Access Throughout Utah for Students and Teachers “eduroam” Session (Room) 2Cory Stokes • Amanda Molinari • Jeff Egly Using Canvas with Nearpod Session (Room) 19David Turner • David Turner Wow! That was FUN - Virtual/In person Icebreakers Session (Room) 11Delia Bayna Professional Learning and Leadership with the Utah Teacher Fellows Session (Room) 1Kiera Beddes • Scott Judy • Rachel Wright

9:25am MDT

10:00am MDT

10:25am MDT

11:00am MDT

11:25am MDT

12:00pm MDT

Lucidspark--How to Kickstart a Discussion Session (Room) 9Katie Jones • Lauralee Ward Ignite Session (Room) 1Christina Van Dam • Merinda Davis • Jared Covili • Brooke Anderson • Cory Henwood • Ashtin Johnson • Ryan Cain • Steven Uribe • Katarina Pantic Beyond Learning: Imagine Language & Literacy Session (Room) 17Randy Tingey • Kendrick Larsen • Kendrick Larsen • Randy Tingey Bring CS to Life with the Finch Robot - Even Remotely! Session (Room) 18Tom Lauwers • Aparna Brown • Aparna Brown • Tom Lauwers Deep Dive into Google Drive Session (Room) 5Pam Turley Empower Every Learner with Genially Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez • Courtney Atkin Empowering Student Voice with Technology Tools Session (Room) 8Debbie Tannenbaum Escape Boredom with Digital Breakouts Session (Room) 14Jami Gardner Holy Sheets! 2021 Session (Room) 7Ian Davey It’s Just a Copy/Paste World, Right? Session (Room) 21Chris Haught Less Teaching, More Feedback Session (Room) 11Marci Houseman • Marci Houseman Not everything in 2020 was bad Session (Room) 6Shannon Lyon • Jared Fawson Teaching Math in Canvas with Derivita Session (Room) 12Devlin Daley • Mallory Dyer • Devlin Daley • Mallory Dyer Teaching Robotics in Distance Learning Session (Room) 4Binsen Qian • Jeff Hescox Tools for remote learning and classroom engagement Session (Room) 15Brad Caldwell • Brian Frye • Brad Caldwell • Brian Frye What’s New for iPad and Mac in Education Session (Room) 19Paulo Braganholo • Casey Veatch • Paulo Braganholo • Casey Veatch

12:25pm MDT

12:45pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

Kami App: Interactive Student Annotations Session (Room) 10Kiera Beddes Put your accessibility glasses on with tota11y! Session (Room) 9Sarah Eastman Accessibility Tools: Meeting the Needs of Our Diverse Learners Session (Room) 17Emma Metos • Emma Metos Adobe's Liquid Mode and Readability Session (Room) 21Rick Treitman • Rick Treitman Canvas Home Page and Beyond - What I Wish I Knew my First Year Teaching Session (Room) 5Frances Shoaf Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms Session (Room) 15Valarie Anderson • Stacey King Coaching during Covid: Evolving with the Times! Session (Room) 2Michelle Jensen • RaeAnn Hurst • Rebekah Stauffer Digital Tools for Innovative Teaching and Learning Session (Room) 19Duane Waber • Duane Waber Enhancing Social Emotional Learning with Technology Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez Hands-on Arduino for Physical Computing Session (Room) 4Binsen Qian • Jeff Hescox How long did that take? 100 hours; 5 minutes at a time Session (Room) 6Mitchell Jorgensen Sheet$ Creek Session (Room) 7Ian Davey Simplify Your Day With IXL Session (Room) 11Regan Benson • Regan Benson Digital Skills Development For Everyone! Session (Room) 20Mohamed ElHabiby • Mohamed ElHabiby Preparing Students for Mathematics Success through Online Diagnostic Assessments/Upgrading Session (Room) 18James Howell • Emily Brown • Emily Brown • James Howell Understanding the Effectiveness of Your Edtech: An LEA Cohort Approach Session (Room) 12Dr. Amanda Cadran • Jeff Alley • Robyn Hedgecock • Dr. Amanda Cadran

1:25pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

Build Meaningful VR STEM Content: Let's Create on Inspirit! Session (Room) 19Amrutha Vasan • Aditya Vishwanath LOOM: Using video to teach in an unknown World! Session (Room) 9Kesha Prince More Learning, Less Netflix Session (Room) 13Thomas Drake Chappell • Joe Warden • Joe Warden 100 Hours 5 Minutes at a time: Building Sustainable Digital Resources Session (Room) 1Mitchell Jorgensen Cancelled: Moving Beyond Kahoot! Other Formative Assessment Tools Session (Room) 6Nicole Manwaring Focus, Form, Fix: Frameworks for Fantastic Feedback Session (Room) 17Jeremy Smith Get Your Game On! Session (Room) 7Sarah Eastman • Ryan Edel Inspire Wonder with Adobe Creative Tools Session (Room) 4Rob Bentley Personalize Your Online Teaching with Pro-Quality Video Session (Room) 8Katie Garrett • Fernando Lara • Nicole Reynolds Playlist based learning: Individualized learning in a 21st century environment Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez Retain the Gains! Long-Term Retention for Math Students Session (Room) 15Josh Britton • Ned Teaching CS and STEAM with Robotics in Secondary School Session (Room) 14Jeff Hescox • Harry Cheng Total Unique! WeVideo: Real Time Collaboration! Session (Room) 18Greg Gardner • Greg Gardner Turning video content into conversations with Canvas Studio Session (Room) 11Isaac Zeigler • Isaac Zeigler Writing Effective Selected Response Questions Session (Room) 5Brooke Anderson NASA for Your Classroom Session (Room) 20Jennifer Jones Getting Started with Adobe Character Animator Session (Room) 21Dave Werner • Dave Werner Supporting LEAs During the Remote Learning Era: The Value of Edtech Management Session (Room) 12Becca Esplin • Tony Campbell • Todd Call

2:25pm MDT

3:00pm MDT

3:45pm MDT

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