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Saturday, March 20

7:00am MDT

8:00am MDT

8:45am MDT

9:00am MDT

Contact-less Hall Passes with Social Distancing Session (Room) 13Nicole Doolittle • Nicole Doolittle Mac Tips 101: Preview & QuickTime Session (Room) 10Merinda Davis What can Canvas do for You? Session (Room) 9Chris Haught Take Your Canvas Course Design to the Next Level Session (Room) 21Kenneth Larsen • Kenneth Larsen Adobe's Liquid Mode and Readability Session (Room) 22Rick Treitman • Rick Treitman Assess Assess Yourself! Are YOU Smarter than a 5th Grader? Session (Room) 18Rhonda Davis • Rhonda Davis Assessments Using Technology Grades 7-12 (Part 1) Session (Room) 15Theresa Overall Bringing Microbits into your virtual classroom with Microbit Classroom Session (Room) 5Shannon Lyon Canvas + Video = Online Superstar! Or, Recording & Embedding Quality Instructional Content Session (Room) 7Clint Stephens Canvas Tips & Tricks for Course Design and Student Engagement Session (Room) 12Jacob Penovich • Jacob Penovich Going beyond Presentations: Using Google Slides to do More Session (Room) 6Kiera Beddes Interpreting RISE Results For Online and InPerson Learners During COVID19 Session (Room) 16Hal Sanderson Online Learning: Long-term Success not a Short-term Fix! Session (Room) 14Marvin Thompson • Marvin Thompson Personalized Learning Student Driven Session (Room) 4Carol Nef Teaching CS and STEAM with Robotics in Elementary School Session (Room) 8Jeff Hescox • Harry Cheng Total Unique! WeVideo: Real Time Collaboration! Session (Room) 20Greg Gardner • Greg Gardner Ubiquitous Wireless Access Throughout Utah for Students and Teachers “eduroam” Session (Room) 2Cory Stokes • Amanda Molinari • Jeff Egly Using Canvas with Nearpod Session (Room) 19David Turner • David Turner Wow! That was FUN - Virtual/In person Icebreakers Session (Room) 11Delia Bayna Professional Learning and Leadership with the Utah Teacher Fellows Session (Room) 1Kiera Beddes • Scott Judy • Rachel Wright Special Education Administration Modeling Technology use for Teachers Session (Room) 17Shelley Halverson • Jaclyn Knapp • Bryce Day • Jaimee Kidder

9:25am MDT

10:00am MDT

Competency Based Learning and IXL Session (Room) 22Regan Benson • Regan Benson Digital Escape Rooms & Scavenger Hunts Session (Room) 10Shelly Ward High-Frequency Word Fluency: Adaptive Sight Word Worksheets Session (Room) 13Russ Fugal • Russ Fugal Utah Microcredentials: Recognizing and Rewarding ALL Professional Learning Session (Room) 9Daron Kennett • Aubree Gardner Assessments Using Technology Grades 7-12 (Part 2) Session (Room) 15Theresa Overall Can’t we all get along? Interoperability: Ensuring everything works together Session (Room) 21Nichole Smith • Nichole Smith Creating an Effective District-Level Survey Strategy Using Qualtrics Session (Room) 16Caitlin O'Connor Digital Storytelling: Pathways to an innovative classroom Session (Room) 3Merinda Davis Getting Outside: Helping Our Students to Be Naturalists with Technology Session (Room) 6David Joy Google Drawings: The Underdog Tool Session (Room) 7Geri Smith How to gamify SEEd standards (interactive space mission session) Session (Room) 14Brooks Heder • Skyler Carr • Skyler Carr How to use data to inform your classroom practice. Did I mention it’s pre-graded? Session (Room) 18Rhonda Davis • Rhonda Davis Intro to Python Workshop Session (Room) 12Talon Hatch • Aimee Alsop • Aimee Alsop • Talon Hatch Leveraging Technology to support Differentiation Session (Room) 17MiaAriela Allen • MiaAriela Allen Share Your Voice through Podcasting Session (Room) 5Jared Covili • Fernando Lara Teaching Math with Robotics in Elementary School Session (Room) 8Jeff Hescox • Harry Cheng UETN’s Private LTE Network – Mobile Access for Students and Teachers Session (Room) 2Jim Stewart • Cory Stokes • Jeff Egly Unlocking Creative Cloud: Best Beginner Practices Session (Room) 4Matthew Winters What's New with Nearpod! Session (Room) 19David Turner • David Turner District Workflow Automation with Script Session (Room) 20Casey Finestone • Basinger Brenton • Basinger Brenton • Casey Finestone COVID-19 and Utah's Digital Divide: Leaders' Response to Equitable Access Session (Room) 1Todd Call • Dani Sloan • Camille Cole • Chandra Martz • Katie Blunt Creating a Cross-Curricular Learning Environment with Digital Curriculum Session (Room) 11Mandi Olson • Ted Levine • Kids Discover • Kids Discover • Ted Levine

10:25am MDT

11:00am MDT

New Nearpod Features Session (Room) 13Jami Gardner Tricks to Get Students Logging in Asynchronously Session (Room) 10Valarie Anderson • Stacey King You can do THAT in Flipgrid?! Session (Room) 9Geri Smith A World Beyond: Envisioning the future with Promethean Session (Room) 6Shaun Taylor • Shaun Taylor Amplifying Thinking Routines Using Technology Tools Session (Room) 8Debbie Tannenbaum Assess Yourself! Are YOU Smarter than a 5th Grader? Session (Room) 18Rhonda Davis • Rhonda Davis Canvas-MasteryConnect Integration: Learn to Use the Tools Seamlessly Session (Room) 12James Seaman • Tiffany Hardinger • Tiffany Hardinger • James Seaman Collaboration with Digital Tools Session (Room) 7Zoe Lu • Ryan Edel eMedia: Explore. Create. Collaborate. Session (Room) 5Katie Blunt Exploring Math Formative Assessments with Galileo K-12 Session (Room) 17Kerridan Kawecki • Kerridan Kawecki FROM START TO FINISH: Utilizing Technology Throughout the Entire Intervention Process Session (Room) 11iStation • iStation Hot Off the Press/What’s New with GoogleEDU? Session (Room) 20Amy Yu • Amy Yu Leveraging Digital Momentum from COVID Systemwide Session (Room) 16Stephanie Wood • Noelle Converse Nearpod Cafe: Tips & Tricks and Q&A Session (Room) 19David Turner • David Turner Need STEM Enrichment? A Look at STEMscopes Coding and Streaming Session (Room) 14Emily Hayes • Emily Hayes Next Level Videoconferencing Session (Room) 3Kimberly Davis • Charice Carroll Provide Easy Access to Digital Resources and Measure Student Engagement Session (Room) 21Nichole Smith • Nichole Smith Social-Emotional Learning: Building Better Connections with Microsoft Session (Room) 15Emma Metos • Emma Metos Utah's Online Library: Virtual Research for All Classrooms Session (Room) 4Dani Sloan What Leaders at Great Schools Do Better: Tech and Inspiration Session (Room) 2Rushton Hurley UCET Podcast Live Session (Room) 1Matthew Winters

11:25am MDT

12:00pm MDT

A Beginners Guide to 3d Design Session (Room) 13Jeff Mortensen Lucidspark--How to Kickstart a Discussion Session (Room) 9Katie Jones • Lauralee Ward Tech Tips for New Teachers Session (Room) 10Jessica Mitchell • Ashley Templeton Ignite Session (Room) 1Christina Van Dam • Merinda Davis • Jared Covili • Brooke Anderson • Cory Henwood • Ashtin Johnson • Ryan Cain • Steven Uribe • Katarina Pantic Beyond Learning: Imagine Language & Literacy Session (Room) 17Randy Tingey • Kendrick Larsen • Kendrick Larsen • Randy Tingey Bring CS to Life with the Finch Robot - Even Remotely! Session (Room) 18Tom Lauwers • Aparna Brown • Aparna Brown • Tom Lauwers Deep Dive into Google Drive Session (Room) 5Pam Turley Empower Every Learner with Genially Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez • Courtney Atkin Empowering Student Voice with Technology Tools Session (Room) 8Debbie Tannenbaum Escape Boredom with Digital Breakouts Session (Room) 14Jami Gardner Holy Sheets! 2021 Session (Room) 7Ian Davey How to gamify SEEd standards (interactive space mission session) Session (Room) 22Brooks Heder • Skyler Carr • Skyler Carr It’s Just a Copy/Paste World, Right? Session (Room) 21Chris Haught Less Teaching, More Feedback Session (Room) 11Marci Houseman • Marci Houseman Not everything in 2020 was bad Session (Room) 6Shannon Lyon • Jared Fawson Teaching Math in Canvas with Derivita Session (Room) 12Devlin Daley • Mallory Dyer • Devlin Daley • Mallory Dyer Teaching Robotics in Distance Learning Session (Room) 4Binsen Qian • Jeff Hescox Tools for remote learning and classroom engagement Session (Room) 15Brad Caldwell • Brian Frye • Brad Caldwell • Brian Frye What’s New for iPad and Mac in Education Session (Room) 19Paulo Braganholo • Casey Veatch • Paulo Braganholo • Casey Veatch Will Your School be Relevant, Post-COVID? Session (Room) 2Rushton Hurley Bad Meetings Have to End: Re-thinking Staff Gatherings & Meetings in a Virtual Setting Session (Room) 16Amy Hunt Powering K12 with Google Cloud: Learning from Anywhere Session (Room) 20Kyle Azua • Kyle Azua

12:25pm MDT

12:45pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

Are Your Students Engaged? Session (Room) 13Leo Brehm • Caitlyn Brown • Leo Brehm Kami App: Interactive Student Annotations Session (Room) 10Kiera Beddes Put your accessibility glasses on with tota11y! Session (Room) 9Sarah Eastman Accessibility Tools: Meeting the Needs of Our Diverse Learners Session (Room) 17Emma Metos • Emma Metos Adobe's Liquid Mode and Readability Session (Room) 21Rick Treitman • Rick Treitman Canvas Home Page and Beyond - What I Wish I Knew my First Year Teaching Session (Room) 5Frances Shoaf Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms Session (Room) 15Valarie Anderson • Stacey King Coaching during Covid: Evolving with the Times! Session (Room) 2Michelle Jensen • RaeAnn Hurst • Rebekah Stauffer Digital Tools for Innovative Teaching and Learning Session (Room) 19Duane Waber • Duane Waber Enhancing Social Emotional Learning with Technology Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez Hands-on Arduino for Physical Computing Session (Room) 4Binsen Qian • Jeff Hescox How long did that take? 100 hours; 5 minutes at a time Session (Room) 6Mitchell Jorgensen It's Elementary My Dear Session (Room) 1Becca Esplin Modeling Good Communication Practices: Building Clout, Credibility, and Competence Session (Room) 16Doug Perry Sheet$ Creek Session (Room) 7Ian Davey Simplify Your Day With IXL Session (Room) 11Regan Benson • Regan Benson UTAH-NDPA: Meet Utah's New National Data Privacy Agreement Session (Room) 8John Lyman Digital Skills Development For Everyone! Session (Room) 20Mohamed ElHabiby • Mohamed ElHabiby Filter Bubbles: Update - Where We Are Now Session (Room) 14Cody Spendlove Preparing Students for Mathematics Success through Online Diagnostic Assessments/Upgrading Session (Room) 18James Howell • Emily Brown • Emily Brown • James Howell Understanding the Effectiveness of Your Edtech: An LEA Cohort Approach Session (Room) 12Dr. Amanda Cadran • Jeff Alley • Robyn Hedgecock • Dr. Amanda Cadran

1:25pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

Build Meaningful VR STEM Content: Let's Create on Inspirit! Session (Room) 19Amrutha Vasan • Aditya Vishwanath Empowering Emergent Bilinguals to Thrive Session (Room) 10Nikki Osborn • Nikki Osborn LOOM: Using video to teach in an unknown World! Session (Room) 9Kesha Prince More Learning, Less Netflix Session (Room) 13Thomas Drake Chappell • Joe Warden • Joe Warden 100 Hours 5 Minutes at a time: Building Sustainable Digital Resources Session (Room) 1Mitchell Jorgensen Cancelled: Moving Beyond Kahoot! Other Formative Assessment Tools Session (Room) 6Nicole Manwaring Focus, Form, Fix: Frameworks for Fantastic Feedback Session (Room) 17Jeremy Smith Get Your Game On! Session (Room) 7Sarah Eastman • Ryan Edel Inspire Wonder with Adobe Creative Tools Session (Room) 4Rob Bentley Personalize Your Online Teaching with Pro-Quality Video Session (Room) 8Katie Garrett • Fernando Lara • Nicole Reynolds Playlist based learning: Individualized learning in a 21st century environment Session (Room) 3Mario Herraez • Alberto Herraez Pump Up the Volume! 8 Ways to Build Personalized PL Playlists to Rock Your Teachers' World Session (Room) 16Danielle Summers • Daron Kennett • Patti Brown Retain the Gains! Long-Term Retention for Math Students Session (Room) 15Josh Britton • Ned Teaching CS and STEAM with Robotics in Secondary School Session (Room) 14Jeff Hescox • Harry Cheng Total Unique! WeVideo: Real Time Collaboration! Session (Room) 18Greg Gardner • Greg Gardner Turning video content into conversations with Canvas Studio Session (Room) 11Isaac Zeigler • Isaac Zeigler Writing Effective Selected Response Questions Session (Room) 5Brooke Anderson NASA for Your Classroom Session (Room) 20Jennifer Jones Getting Started with Adobe Character Animator Session (Room) 21Dave Werner • Dave Werner Supporting LEAs During the Remote Learning Era: The Value of Edtech Management Session (Room) 12Becca Esplin • Tony Campbell • Todd Call

2:25pm MDT

3:00pm MDT

3:45pm MDT

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